Chapter 3

The early designs of TIE fighters were not as good as the ones we have today, but they were still some of the best fighters of the time.

Three of them were on my tail, as I was readying to jump to hyperspace. “Alderaanian vessel, you are ordered to return to the planet's surface immediately. Any deviation will result in your destruction.”

Like bloody hell! There was no way that I would abandon Gareb and return to a life of slavery. I was going to honor the memory of Master Kimm.

I turned the cannons of the ship towards the TIE's and fired a few volleys. They evaded me easily enough, and circled around to cut off my escape route. I had already taken some damage, since I didn't get my shields raised in time.

I decided to play chicken with them. If I were going to go out, I would take them with me.

Increasing engine speed, I plummeted the Knight Errant straight into the waiting TIE's. They moved to the side only at the last minute, but it was enough to get me the window I needed.

I punched up the preprogrammed coordinates and made the jump to hyperspace. Stars streaked by, and I was on my way to Trevelas. I let out a victory howl.

Gareb moaned in the background. I silenced myself and concentrated on the journey to Trevelas.


A couple of hours later, I made it to Trevelas.

Trevelas had an orbital spaceport, where I landed the Jedi Master's ship.

I walked down the landing ramp with Gareb's body in my arms, and let out a howl of grief. Silence followed.

Many people backed away. Security put their hands on their blasters, just in case. Reluctantly, an official came up to me.

“Okay, wookiee, now settle down. Let's get your friend to the morgue.” I barked at him at first, but then I calmed down and followed him to the morgue.

There was nothing I could do for Gareb. I used the remaining credits that Master Kimm had to pay for his funeral. I was the only one who attended. As far as I could tell, Gareb had no family. I mourned for the gentle soul who kept me company in that jail cell.

When I finally left the station, I looked back and reflected upon recent events. In one day, I had lost the person to whom I owed a life debt and a good and gentle friend. It was at that point that I made a vow to not return home to Kashyyyk until I had become a Jedi.