Jan Tolbara

Jan Tolbara

Born and raised on Ord Mantell 15 years before the Battle of Yavin IV, Jan Tolbara grew up helping his father in his repulsorlift repair shop. One day when he was 15 years old, an older man came by the shop and noticed some latent Force abilities in the young teen.

Jan trained under the old Jedi for two years during his spare time, until his trainer was killed by the forces of the Empire. Distraught from the loss of his teacher, Jan returned home only to discover that his parents were killed, too. Since his older brother, Biggs, had already left home to join the Imperial Navy, Jan moved in with relatives until he had saved enough money to travel off-planet to find Biggs and tell him the news of their family.

Upon hearing of the fall of the Empire and the formation of the New Republic, Jan vowed to become a Jedi Knight and serve the Republic after finding his brother.

After locating his brother and discovering his position in the New Republic military, Jan joined the New Republic and soon learned of Luke Skywalker. He approached the Jedi Knight and asked for Skywalker's help to complete his training. After being rejected by Kyle Katarn and Corran Horn, Luke welcomed this new pupil under his wing. After a few more years while still working for the New Republic, Jan completed his training and became the galaxy's first Jedi Knight under Skywalker's tutelage. Shortly before completing his training, he began training a wookiee named Kurrelgyrre that he found on Tatooine as his first pupil.

Currently, he is working as a representative to the New Republic for the newly-established Jedi Academy. Also, he has begun training a new pupil, Qualtis Majint, upon discovering her latent abilities with the Force.

Jan is recognized by the leaders of the New Republic as one of the Heroes of Mon Calamari for his actions in saving the homeworld of the Mon Calamari from the Empire's World Devastators.

Jan TolbaraCL 9
Medium Human scout 1/Jedi 7/Jedi Knight 1
Destiny 4; Force 9
Init +11; Senses Perception +11
Languages Basic, Rodese, Shyriiwook

Defenses Ref 26 (flat-footed 24), Fort 25, Will 24; Block, Deflect
hp 96; Threshold 25

Speed 6 squares
Melee lightsaber +11 (2d8+5) or
Melee lightsaber +6/+6 (2d8+5) with Double Attack
Ranged by weapon +11
Base Atk +9; Grp +11
Atk Options Double Attack, Severing Strike
Special Actions Combat Reflexes, Force Focus, Melee Defense, Quick Draw, Redirect
Force Powers Known (Use the Force +11): battle strike, force disarm, force slam,
  mind trick, surge, vital transfer

Abilities Str 13 Dex 14 Con 14 Int 14 Wis 15 Cha 15

Talents Acute Senses, Block, Deflect, Force Focus, Redirect Shot, Severing Strike

Feats Combat Reflexes, Double Attack, Force Sensitivity, Force Training (2), Martial
  Arts I, Melee Defense, Quick Draw, Shake It Off, Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers,
  pistols, rifles, simple weapons)

Skills Endurance +11, Initiative +11, Knowledge (galactic lore) +11, Mechanics +11,
  Perception +11, Pilot +11, Stealth +11, Survival +11, Use the Force +11

Possessions lightsaber (self-built), comlink, Jedi robes, utility belt

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