Character List

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This first set of characters is the group in the first campaign set from two years after the Battle of Endor through the time of the Thrawn trilogy and the Dark Empire series, about six years after the Battle of Endor.

Arsan Telk Gungan mercenary D6 d20 Saga Ed.
Dak Gribson Gambler D6 d20 Saga Ed.
Eriyani Rusta'al Pilot and former smuggler D6 d20 Saga Ed.
Jan Tolbara Jedi Knight D6 d20 Saga Ed.
Kianna von der Thann Galactic Republic
Intelligence Agent
D6 d20 Saga Ed.
Kurrelgyrre Wookiee Jedi D6 d20  
Qualtis Majint Bounty Hunter D6 d20 Saga Ed.

This set of characters is for the current PBeM campaign set five years after
the first campaign ended. The campaign is played using the Revised d20 rules.

Wookiee Jedi Knight
R6-X0 (Arsix)
Astromech Droid
Snteil Seit
Former Bounty Hunter
Z-3P0 (Zeethree)
Protocol Droid