Stysor/Westin Advanced Particle Emitter Blaster Rifle

No longer for sale, the Stysor/Westin Advanced Particle Emitter Blaster Rifle (or SW-APE) is technically a modified blaster rifle. Although the rifle's exterior housing may appear much the same, the SW-APE's interior is a different story, having been almost completely rebuilt to house the modifications. Therefore, no two rifles are exactly the same with each one individualized by the parts used in construction and the skill and artistry of the gunsmith doing the work. The process is delicate, and the cost for parts runs around 3,000 credits (including the rifle shell); the gunsmith's time tends to cost at least as much if not more. The construction requires two successful Craft skill checks at DC 25, one for the physical modifications and the second for the microprocessor which controls the prismatic crystal housing. (Alternate rule: Instead of two Craft skill checks, the first can be checked using Repair and the second using Computer Use.)

A joint venture of Stysor Arms and the Westin Corporation, the SW-APE was designed to be a portable alternative to heavier squad support weapons, such as repeating blasters. Effectively reinventing the blaster rifle, Stysor redesigned the blaster chamber's prismatic crystal housing and galvern pattern to boost the static pulse output from the weapon's actuating module. Westin contributed a microprocessor engineered to refocus and cool the crystal filter to prevent overloads in the static pulse field. Due to a complex design and need for high quality crystals in the blaster housing, the SW-APE proved to be prohibitively expensive, and the Old Republic cancelled the contract before mass production could begin.

However, several prototypes found their way into the black market, where a few canny gunsmiths reverse-engineered the weapon and began constructing their own using the closely guarded secrets of its design. Nicknamed "Southwest Ape", the SW-APE became popular with mercenaries and assassins who could afford the expense of the rifle's construction.

Although the SW-APE is not currently mass produced, SoroSuub is said to have begun incorporating many of the APE's advancements into their latest designs, notably the custom-built blaster carbines of elite Imperial Stormcommando units.

Cost: Not For Sale (original cost: 2,500)
Damage: 3d8+2
Critical: 19-20
Range Increment: 50 meters
Weight: varies (4.1 - 4.7 kg)
Stun Damage/Fort DC: n/a
Type: Energy
Multifire/Autofire: M
Size: Medium
Group: Blaster rifles

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