SoroSuub X-45 "Sniper" Blaster Rifle

The SoroSuub X-45 "Sniper" Blaster Rifle is the result of the company's attempts to make an economical precision rifle. The weapon is considered pitiful at best by most races throughout the galaxy. The stock is too short for anyone except Sullustans, Jawas or any other race of similar size. The rifle has no provision for mounting a bipod, has poor ergonomics and a laughable range when compared to other rifles of like power. On top of all that, the scope is of a generation of electrical image enhancement that predates the first skirmishes of the Clone Wars.

The X-45 is often sold as a sporting weapon (along with slip-on stock extensions, which can be purchased from SoroSuub for 10 credits each) and sees usage only among the most desperate private military units.

Cost: 950
Damage: 3d8
Critical: 19-20
Range Increment: 25 meters
Weight: 2.1 kg
Stun Damage/Fort DC: n/a
Type: Energy
Multifire/Autofire: -
Size: Medium
Group: Blaster rifles

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