Darkwood/Cracken Anti-Personnel Blaster Rifle

The Darkwood/Cracken Anti-Personnel Blaster Rifle was developed by General Airen Cracken and Captain Landon C. Darkwood to give ground troops an advantage over the average Imperial Army Trooper. This gun contains several X-Citers within the housing, along with a larger gas intake chamber. This allows the release of much more powerful energy blasts, at the cost of reduced ammunition.

The anti-personnel rifle is 99.3 cm in length and comes with a fixed stock. The power pack, housed on the underside of the weapon in front of the trigger guard, is capable of providing enough energy for 100 shots.

The rifle is capable of firing in multifire and autofire modes. When the rifle is set for multifire, the damage rating increases from its base level (5d4) to the second level (4d8), which uses enough energy for 10 normal bolts (allowing only 10 shots to be fired from a full power pack). When it is set for autofire, the damage rating increases to the third and highest level (7d8), which uses enough energy for 25 normal bolts (allowing only 4 shots to be fired from a full power pack). Due to this increase of power, firing in either multifire or autofire mode increases the attack penalty per shot by 50% (total penalty of -6 for multifire and -9 for autofire). If an attack roll of 1 is made (regardless of bonuses) while using the blaster in multifire or autofire mode, roll 1d6. On a result of 1-2, the gun's gas chamber explodes and causes 3d8 points of damage to the one holding the rifle and anyone within 2 meters.

Cost: 4,800
Damage: 5d4/4d8/7d8
Critical: 19-20
Range Increment: 15 meters
Weight: 5.1 kg
Stun Damage/Fort DC: n/a
Type: Energy
Multifire/Autofire: M/A
Size: Medium
Group: Blaster rifles

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