BlasTech T-27A2 "Blackjack" Assault Blaster Rifle

The BlasTech T-27A2 "Blackjack" Assault Blaster Rifle was designed with versatility in mind. The rifle has a wide variety of accessories that are interchangeable on the battlefield. The only problem is that the T27A2 does not accept standardized accessories, nor do the rifle's accessories fit on other weapons.

The T27A2 is 97.4 cm long and comes with a fixed stock. The rifle is capable of firing in single shot, multifire and autofire modes. Standard power packs do fit in the rifle in front of the trigger guard and provide enough power for 50 shots. The accessories that come standard are a multi-magnification scope, laser sight, ultrasound sight, sound suppression barrel, recoil suppression stock, digital ammunition gauge and a vibrating low-ammunition handle. Only one sight or scope and only one ammunition indicator may be mounted at one time. In addition to the above-mentioned accessories, a specialized grenade launcher may be mounted to the rifle under the barrel. Specifics for the grenade launcher and each accessory are listed below.

Designs for the T27A2 were completed mere months before the Battle of Endor. A shipment of the new rifles was on route to an Imperial base located in the Expansion Region, but the vessel with the precious cargo never arrived and was assumed lost. Shortly after the shipment disappeared, the designs for the rifle mysteriously disappeared as well. The designs have not been recovered, and production has ceased on the rifle. BlasTech is currently offering a 20,000 credit reward for the return of the weapon's designs.

Cost: Not for Sale (black market prices: rifle- 2,000, grenade launcher- 500)
Damage: 3d8
Critical: 19-20
Range Increment: 35 meters
Weight: 5.7 kg
Stun Damage/Fort DC: n/a
Type: Energy
Multifire/Autofire: M/A
Size: Medium
Group: Blaster rifles

Grenade Launcher - Fires in single shot mode only, Dmg: per grenade type, Range
  Inc.: 8 meters, Size: Small, Group: Slugthrowers

* Acid Compound (Terridax 101) - Dmg: 1d6 per round until doused/Fort save (DC 13)
  to avoid -1d4 Con temporarily, Burst Radius: 5 meters
* Fragmentation - Dmg: 1d3 per fragment * 1d10 fragments, Burst Radius: 8 meters
* Gas - Dmg: 5d4 per round until no exposure to gas for 2 rounds (gas lasts 1d10
  rounds), Burst Radius: 12 meters
* High Explosive - Dmg: 4d6 (direct hit)/2d6 (within burst radius), Burst Radius:
  4 meters
* Stun - Dmg: DC 15 (dh)/12 (br) or 1d6 (dh)/1d4 (br), Burst Radius: 6 meters

Accessories (bonuses are cumulative)
Multi-magnification Scope: 2X-10X magnification
Laser Sight: +2 to attack roll
Ultrasound Sight: +2 to attack roll, no darkness penalties out to 100 meters
Sound Suppression Barrel: -6 to all Listen checks to hear weapon fire
Recoil Suppression Stock: +2 to attack roll
Digital Ammunition Gauge: shows amount of shots left in power pack (blaster rifle
Vibrating Low-ammunition Handle: vibrates when 5 shots or less left in power pack
  (blaster rifle only)

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