BlasTech E-Web Repeating Blaster

The BlasTech E-Web (Emplacement Weapon, Heavy Blaster) has proven itself to be a highly effective weapon against vehicles and infantry alike. At a maximum range of 1500 meters, it produces enough firepower to punch through the armor plating of a Rebel snowspeeder. This weapon was used against the Millenium Falcon by Imperial snowtroopers on Hoth. Had the Imperial troopers been allowed enough time to finish setting up the weapon, it could have easily damaged one or more critical systems on Han Solo's ship. But, the smuggler was quick enough to destroy the weapon with the Falcon's autoblaster cannon.

To operate at peak efficiency, the E-Web requires two crewmen: one as a gunner and the other to monitor and adjust the Eksoan Class-4T3 power generator. Like many high-yield generators, the 4T3 is prone to overheating despite its advanced Gk3 Cryocooler cooling unit. Power is fed from the generator to the weapon via a three-meter-long conduit that connnects to the base of the BlasTech TR-62 autocushion tripod. The computerized fire control and targeting system includes Starvision and infrared low-light enhancements for use in combat at night.

The only known limitation to using the E-Web is its extended setup time. If the 4T3 generator is not warmed up, it can take up to 15 minutes for the E-Web to be deployed, generator calibrated and targeting system configured. If the generator is precharged (which some Imperial units do, although this tends to create power surges), setup can be completed quicker. In this case, the second crewman needs to carefully monitor and adjust the power flow to avoid a generator overload (which is known to cause the generator to explode).

It is possible for one soldier to man the E-Web, but this reduces the weapon's efficiency. Under these circumstances, the gunner must select the power generator's "preset" mode, which significantly reduces the weapon's rate of fire but keeps the generator and the E-Web within safe operating temperatures.

The E-Web was a joint venture by BlasTech and Merr-Sonn Munitions; Merr-Sonn named their version the EWHB-10. Both versions of the weapon were highly distributed throughout the Imperial military as well as less "official" military organizations. Both companies are in the process of developing variants of the weapon.

Cost: 8,000
Damage: 6d8
Critical: 19-20
Range Increment: 150 meters
Weight: 38 kg
Stun Damage/Fort DC: n/a
Type: Energy
Multifire/Autofire: M/A
Size: Large
Group: Heavy

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