BlasTech DL-87 "Firespray" Wide-angle Blaster Pistol

The BlasTech DL-87 "Firespray" Wide-angle Blaster Pistol was designed to hit as many targets as possible. It has also been nicknamed "Deck Clearer" because of its wide-angle fire arc.

The DL-87 is 29.3 cm in length. The power pack, granting enough power for 10 shots, is housed within the handle of the pistol. The DL-87 is distinctive from other pistols by its bell-shaped blaster emitter nozzle. Firing the pistol takes a full attack action, and the pistol must recharge during the following round. When the pistol is fired, everyone within a 45-degree arc of the wielder's front must make a Reflex save or be hit by the blaster bolt. Anyone within five meters of the firer has a -8 modifier to their save; anyone between six and ten meters has a modifier of -4.

The DL-87 was initially rejected by the Imperial Navy due to its slow rate of fire and low ammunition capacity. However, the pistol remains in regular use among raiders. Pirates often kill their way to a ship's controls, and privateers must often meet lethal resistance with stronger weapons than stunners.

Cost: 1,500
Damage: 5d4
Critical: 20
Range Increment: 1 meter
Weight: 1.3 kg
Stun Damage/Fort DC: n/a
Type: Energy
Multifire/Autofire: -
Size: Small
Group: Blaster pistols

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