BlasTech DL-23 Electro Pulse Pistol

Inspired by the DL-22, the BlasTech DL-23 Electro Pulse Pistol is a unique model of blaster in that it fires a specialized stun bolt and normal blaster bolt in rapid succession. When someone is hit with the weapon, the stun bolt temporarily weakens him which allows the following blaster bolt to be more effective. (In game terms, the stun bolt forces a Fortitude save or the target takes maximum damage from the normal blaster bolt. If the save is made, roll damage normally.)

Cost: 2,500
Damage: 5d4
Critical: 20
Range Increment: 12 meters
Weight: 1.2 kg
Stun Damage/Fort DC: 0/DC 15
Type: Energy
Multifire/Autofire: M
Size: Small
Group: Blaster pistols

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