BlasTech AT-1 Heavy Blaster Rifle

Modeled after the famous BlasTech A280, the BlasTech AT-1 Heavy Blaster Rifle has made its mark on the weapons industry. With enough power to penetrate Imperial stormtrooper armor and light vehicle armor, the AT-1 has few rivals on the open market.

The AT-1 is 73.8 cm in length and weighs in at 5.1 kilograms. The power pack, providing enough energy for 50 shots, is housed in front of the trigger. A low-light scope (similar to the one found on the Merr-Sonn M435 Death Sledge) comes standard with the AT-1 and is mounted on top of the barrel.

Cost: 3,780
Damage: 3d8
Critical: 19-20
Range Increment: 35 meters
Weight: 5.1 kg
Stun Damage/Fort DC: n/a
Type: Energy
Multifire/Autofire: M
Size: Medium
Group: Blaster rifles

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