Appearance and Biology: The Yautja are a reptilian race whose entire society revolves around hunting and combat. They also have a bizarre sense of honor, and anyone who defeats one of them is greatly respected.

Physically, the Yautja are larger and taller than adult humans, standing at least 2.2 meters tall but often much taller. Females, who have not been seen by most of the galaxy, are even larger; the female Yautja are known to occasionally throw their mates during moments of passion. Yautja have a reptilian skin of mottled red, green and yellow patterns. Like humans, they have two arms, two legs, and two eyes. Their mouths have four mandibles around them, much like a set of lips. Children are smaller versions of the adult, and a male will typically father seventy or more "suckers" in his lifetime. Yautja have long hair that is braided into dreadlocks in an extremely painful ritual that takes months to perform, and any Yautja exhibiting pain during the process is forced to endure it again.

History and Culture: Yautja young are trained by the elder warriors known as Leaders and travel in packs with one until they become Blooded. A Blooded warrior is one who has survived a hunt against greater odds. After such a hunt, the survivors have the emblem of their Leader etched into their forehead and skulls. They are then adults in society and are allowed to hunt on their own.

Yautja in the Galaxy: Ships of Blooded warriors travel the galaxy in search of the ultimate sport. They will hunt anything that will fight for survival.

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Skills:
Tracking: Time to use: one round. All Yautja are taught to track their prey from a very young age and are able to do so in a wide variety of terrains.

Special Abilities:
Infrared vision: Yautja use a form of sight that allows them to see by detecting heat variations from objects around them. While this allows them to see warm-blooded creatures well, they cannot see very well in human-standard temperature ranges unaided. Yautja gain a +2D bonus to Perception checks when searching for any warm-blooded creatures but gain a -2D penalty on those checks when searching for anything else without technological aid.

Story Factors:
Reputation: Yautja are known to be notorious hunters and killers throughout the galaxy. Sapients tend to flee upon sighting even a single Yautja.

Move: 10/12
Size: 1.7 - 2.2 meters