Paq Nalthiin

Appearance and Biology: In appearance, the Paq Nalthiin resemble a humanoid cross between an insect and a crustacean. They have massive mandibles which open horizontally and take up most of their faces. These mandibles are used to chew both animal and plant matter, and while they are impressive looking, they offer no help in combat. The Paq Nalthiin are covered by a chitinous exoskeleton whose coloration varies depending on which area of Dran Colquar was the home of an individual's ancestors. The Paq Nalthiin have three trilaterally-symmetrical segmented fingers on each hand as well as an outer set of three claws surrounding these fingers on their right hands which can be used in combat.

Temperament: The Paq Nalthiin were the most advanced species in the Conheav sector at the time of first contact with the Old Republic. As such, they have always considered themselves to be a little bit better than others. This manifests itself in their traditionalism. They are unwilling to believe that the time honoured traditions that made them great might not be the most efficient methods. This doesn't mean that a Paq Nalthiin will never accept new ways, it just means that he or she will be reluctant to do so without good cause. Changes in Paq Nalthiin society typically take years at the least.

History and Culture: The Paq Nalthiin arose on the planet Dran Colquar in the Etuc system, where they lived in a tribal society for millenia, constantly at war with each other over the limited supplies of food and water to be found on the desert planet.

Eventually, as the Paq Nalthiin progressed technologically, they found that they were able to find ways to supply the whole species with these essentials by working together. The process of uniting the warring tribes took several hundred years, but the planet stood together in the end.

By this time, Paq Nalthiin society had reached what is commonly known as the Information Age. The united Paq Nalthiin nation began looking to the stars in an attempt to find resources for a rapidly expanding population base. The Paq Nalthiin sent unmanned probes to all star systems within 20 light years. After receiving reports from these probes, it was found that two of these systems had habitable planets. Massive colony ships were sent out at sub-light velocities, taking nearly thirty years to reach Mow Frenshar in the Treah system and forty to reach Gor Vandar in the Pecsus system. The newly-founded colonies were considered independant of Dran Colquar, but they all worked in fairly close cooperation. In the early years of this "Age of Colonies" as the Paq Nalthiin call it, millions of Paq Nalthiin emigrated from Dran Colquar to one of the two colony worlds. This was considered a golden age by the Paq Nalthiin of the time, but the true golden age of the species would only come after great hardship.

An alien species known only as the Serp invaded Paq Nalthiin space, using a similar technology level to that of the Paq Nalthiin. A massive war was fought in the Pecsus system, a war which lasted for 32 years. This war was devastating at the time, but out of it grew the Paq Nalthiin Confederacy, which led the Paq Nalthiin to their greatest glory mere decades after the war was over. At this post-war time, the victorious Paq Nalthiin rebuilt their civilization to a level that surpassed their former achievements. The economy was good, unemployment was at an all-time low and many of the greatest achievements in Paq Nalthiin philosophy were brought about in this age.

Before long, the Paq Nalthiin were contacted by scouts of the Old Republic. The Paq Nalthiin ultimately joined the Republic but have stayed slightly aloof during the 3,000 years since then. Paq Nalthiin developed an ingrained distrust for those not of their own species during the great war with the Serp, and though they try not to let that affect their judgement, they are not always 100% effective.

The Paq Nalthiin have largely kept up with galactic technology, but their traditionalism has resulted in the fact that at any given time in their history they have been roughly 20-30 years behind the cutting edge of technology.

Paq Nalthiin in the Galaxy: Although the Paq Nalthiin are a spacefaring race, they tend to stay within the borders of the confederacy in the Conheav sector and are very rarely seen elsewhere in the galaxy.

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Exoskeleton: The Paq Nalthiin have a chitinous exoskeleton which grants a bonus of +1D to resist physical damage and +1 to resist energy.

Claws: The Paq Nalthiin have an outer set of three large claws on their right hands which cause STR+1D damage in brawling attacks.

Story Factors:
Traditionalist: Most Paq Nalthiin are very traditional and will take a proven method over a new one, unless the new method obviously has vast advantages.

Xenophobic: Paq Nalthiin raised in tradtional Paq Nalthiin society have a strong distrust of all non-Paq Nalthiin. This usually doesn't reach a level of hatred, and a Paq Nalthiin typically won't act on this distrust without a good reason.

Move: 10/12
Size: 1.4 - 1.9 meters