Appearance and Biology: The Mutcer are a race of beings that are small in stature with tough, yellowish skin and dark, cavernous eyes in their deeply lined faces. Mutcer have no hair on their bodies. Though they evolved from herbivores and retain such physiological aspects proving this as having 2 stomachs, the Mutcer are omnivorous.

History and Culture: The Mutcer are a fairly old species, but they have not progressed past the level of stone age technology and show no interest in progressing any further. Indeed, all attempts that have been made to bring the Mutcer up to the galactic technology level have been met with complete disinterest on the part of the Mutcer, who are quite happy with their traditional lifestyle and have no desire to "improve" it. In the past few millenia since Mogtnom was colonized by members of the Old Republic, many Mutcer have worked for the colonists, performing menial labor in return for simple items such as foodstuffs and textiles.

The Mutcer live in a tribal society and, though such occurances are relatively rare, do engage in small-scale raids upon other tribes.

The defining aspect of Mutcer life is their religion which centers around the strange ancient towers that cover their homeworld and the beings who built and inhabited the towers well over a hundred million years ago. The Mutcer consider the towers to be sacred places and refuse to visit them, both out of reverence and out of stark terror. Mutcer folklore is filled with stories of brave and foolish warriors who find ways to enter the forboding towers and are either never heard from again or return insane. Based upon attempts by researchers to penetrate the towers and the subterranean depths beneath them, it would seem that these stories have a strong basis in fact. The Mutcer are highly superstitious about winds, and it has been conjectured that this parallels reports by modern researchers of horrible unnatural winds with strange powers deep below the towers.

Each Mutcer tribe has at least one priest who keeps the records of The Great Race and The Old Ones. These records are meticulously written out on paper made from local plants and are recopied when the paper begins to decay. These religious records are the only written records of the Mutcer. The priests, who usually have at least as much power in the tribe as the matriarch, are the only Mutcer who approach the towers on a regular basis. The priests will often make camp beside a tower for days, studying the heiroglyphics that cover the surfaces of the towers and making notes upon the woven plant-paper. These notes form the basis of the Mutcer religion.

Mutcer in the Galaxy: Members of the Mutcer are almost never seen away from their tribes and are virtually impossible to find away from their homeworld, Mogtnom.

Attribute Dice: 10D

Special Abilities:
Food Storage: Mutcer can store up to five days' worth of food in their two stomachs, enabling them to take full advantage of times of plenty while preparing against times of famine.

Tough Skin: The tough skin of the Mutcer gives them +1 to resist physical and energy damage.

Story Factors:
Superstitious: Mutcer are very superstitious, believing that winds show great portents, and (with the exception of their priests) will not intentionally get very close to any towers of any type, even if the towers aren't the ancient towers that figure in their religion.

Technologically Primitive: Mutcer cannot begin with any "modern" skills, such as Repulsorlift Operations, Blaster or Repair skills.

Move: 7/9
Size: 1.0 - 1.4 meters